Franchise Articles

Barry Kurtz is a prolific writer on the subject of franchise law. From due diligence to franchise appraisal, his articles are a valuable resource to any franchisee and franchisor.

The Accidental Franchisor - When you are representing the expansion minded client, you have three jobs  -  The Practical Lawyer - October 2011

The Leap of Faith: How to Acquire a Franchisor - Thinking about acquiring a franchise operation? Get ready for twice the due diligence of a traditional deal.  -  Valley Lawyer - April 2011

How to Help Your Franchising Clients Survive the Recession - How to advise your franchise clients during these difficult times - Valley Lawyer – January 2011

Deal or No Deal?: Due Diligence Key to Buying Bankrupt Franchises (part 2) - online edition of Franchise Update Magazine - January 12, 2010

Picking and Choosing Franchises out of Bankruptcy Court (part 1) - online edition of Franchise Update Magazine - December 03, 2009

How to Help Your Franchising Clients Survive the Recession - The Practical Lawyer - October 2009

Franchise System's Size, Structure Dictate Private-equity Payout - Nation's Restaurant News - September 2007.

Digging into Franchises - Due Diligence Minefield - American Bar Association Business Law Today - March/April 2007

What Every Lawyer Should Know about Franchise Law - Los Angeles County Bar Update - November 2006

Appraisal of Franchises Requires the Use of Unique Valuation Procedures - American Bar Associates Franchise Journal - Fall 2006

You Are What You Do: The New Regulatory Threat to Franchising - Area Developer - June 2006

Franchisors and Franchisees: Unique Partners, Unique Values - Valorem Principia - February 2006

A Challenge in Buying Franchisers - Mergers & Acquisitions - 2005

Clients Keen on Franchising Need Lots of Planning Help - Accounting Today

Franchise Relationships and Licensing Agreements - San Fernando Valley Business Journal - October  2004

The Unwitting Franchiser - California CEO - Fall 2004

Franchise Operations Must Conform to Special Laws - Network News - Second Quarter 2003

Territorial Disputes Over Internet May Arise at Franchises - San Fernando Valley Business Journal - February 2003

Good News, Bad News Scenario Greets Year - San Fernando Valley Business Journal - January 2003